C-section Aftercare
C-section Aftercare

C-sections can be planned or unexpected, but parents should be prepared either way to make…

C-Section Recovery
The Road to Recovery

Sometimes C-sections are planned, and other times they can happen unexpectedly. A cesarean section (commonly…

Type of Provider
Finding Your Perfect Provider

For some expectant parents, finding a provider to see you through your pregnancy can be…

Prenatal Care
Prepare for Prenatal
Birth Safety
Do No Harm: Birth Safety

Childbirth can be a beautiful and life-changing experience. One of the last things you’d want…

Pregnancy Trimesters
Pregnancy Trimesters: At a Glance

How long does a pregnancy last? What is a trimester? When should I call my…

Baby Shower Quiz
Oh, Baby Shower!
Dental Care with Dr. Adam
Dental Care With Dr. Adam

Our friend, Dr. Adam from the Georgia Department of Public Health, has some quick pregnancy…

Toy Time Safety
Toy Time Safety

There are so many children’s toys and other items you may want to get for…

Planning for Healthy Babies
Is P4HB Right for Me?

There are great opportunities for Georgia mothers to access the care and resources they need…