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Pickles & Ice Cream Georgia was created as a free resource for families through strategic partnership with many Georgia-based organizations. This project was made possible by an initial investment from IBM and the Howard R. Dobbs Jr. Foundation.

Current supporters include the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation and the United Health Foundation.

We would also like to thank the Georgia OB/Gyn Society and American College of Nurse Midwives Georgia Chapter for their support of our research with 200+ obstetric providers to design the content and format of Pickles & Ice Cream Georgia.

Special thank you to the Center for Black Women’s Wellness and Stinson & Associates who worked with us to host focus groups with Georgia mothers and families to ensure that Pickles & Ice Cream Georgia reflects their needs and priorities.


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We hope you will consider making a contribution to assist us as we work to update the content and offerings through Pickles & Ice Cream Georgia, including our online perinatal education sessions, videos, articles, and quizzes each week!

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