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Georgia WIC Program Services

You may have heard of the Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) program or seen the…

Postpartum Depression Symptoms
Postpartum Depression Symptoms

One in eight people can suffer from postpartum depression out of no fault of their…

COVID-19 Vaccine While Pregnant
COVID-19 Vaccination While Pregnant

The COVID-19 vaccines. Seems like they are all anyone is talking about! With so much…

Breastmilk Stages
The Milk Menu: Breastmilk Stages

When you give birth to your baby, your body creates an amazing food source just…

Pregnancy & Postpartum During COVID-19

Times are tough. With social distancing in place and hospitals handling many COVID-19 cases, families…

Superwoman Schema
Aren’t I Superwoman?

Maternal and child health is a real issue that deserves real talk. The Pickles and…