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Are You Showing Post-Birth Warning Signs?

Are You Showing Post-Birth Warning Signs?

  • Postpartum women are at risk for harmful health outcomes, and these POST-BIRTH warning signs can be scary.
  • This video will show you what to watch out for following the birth of your baby and how to seek help.

Your baby relies on you. Taking care of yourself plays a big role in taking care of your baby. That’s why it is so important for a mom to understand problems that may come up after the birth of their baby. Some warning signs include: pain in the chest, seizures, bleeding excessively, a red or swollen leg, and more. These are no joke. Knowing about them can prepare you to notice them and get the proper care you need to stay healthy for you and your baby!

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these POST-BIRTH warning signs, call 911 or consult your provider immediately. Read more on these POST-BIRTH warning signs on our blog post!

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