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Avoiding Substance Use While Pregnant

Avoiding Substance Use While Pregnant

  • Substance use can range from occasional vaping to illegal drug abuse, but all are harmful for you & your baby while pregnant.
  • Using these drugs & other substances can cause birth defects, prematurity, & more serious problems.
  • Sometimes it's not easy to stop these behaviors so use our helpful resources to build up your support system & quit for good.
Substance Use

Using substances like alcohol, tobacco, & certain drugs while pregnant are big no no’s, but why is that? These chemicals & substances can pass directly through the umbilical cord to your baby, possibly causing problems for both you & your baby during pregnancy.

In Georgia, 1 out of every 20 pregnant people report smoking during pregnancy. Nationally, the most commonly used substances during pregnancy are alcohol and tobacco, followed by marijuana and opioids. Learn more about the risks of these substances during pregnancy below our references list.



If you are pregnant & cannot stop drinking or using one of these substances, get help! Contact your healthcare provider, local support groups, or local treatment center.

If you have a child whose development has possibly been affected by substance use during pregnancy, there are support groups & assistance services available to help. Click here for those resources.


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