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COVID-19 & Pregnant

COVID-19 & Pregnant

  • With COVID-19 still being a big concern for the public's health, it's important to know your risks as a pregnant person.
  • This video will go over the changes you need to make to keep yourself, your family and everyone else safe & healthy.

Being pregnant during the COVID-19 pandemic has probably felt a bit abnormal to say the least, but there are still reasons to be excited & feel prepared for the birth of your baby. There are many parts of pregnancy & birth plans that have had to change in order to keep all moms & families safe and healthy.

One overall goal of pregnancy is to have a healthy and positive experience, and although, the norm has shifted, you can still make the most of your pregnancy safely. Watch our short video, read our blogs, & download the HMHBGA toolkit to stay informed about more COVID-19 pregnancy & postpartum information.

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