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The Milk Menu: Breastmilk Stages

The Milk Menu: Breastmilk Stages

  • Your milk changes to meet your baby's needs from birth through weaning.
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Breastmilk Stages
Colostrum Milk
Transitional Milk
Mature Milk
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Colostrum Milk

When you give birth to your baby, your body creates an amazing food source just for your new baby. Your breastmilk naturally changes overtime, adjusting to the needs of your baby as they grow! There are small ways your milk changes day-to-day, depending on when you feed during the day or if you or your baby are sick. Your breastmilk also goes through three different phases during the first few weeks after birth. Each of these phases is important and provides key nutrients for your little one. Pediatricians recommend that babies should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months and then continue to be breastfed in addition to solid food until at least one year of age.1 The longer a baby breastfeeds, the greater the benefit to baby and mom.

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In addition to the different phases, the actual amount of milk you are making changes too. During the first few weeks, your milk supply is increasing and will begin to adjust to your baby’s needs. The more frequently your baby eats, the more milk you’ll make, through a process of supply and demand.4 Each time milk is removed from your breasts, either by your baby asking for more or using a breast pump to express milk, they will make more supply.

During these early weeks, your breasts may often feel heavy and full as they adjust to making milk. Around four to six weeks after birth, your milk supply should be in balance with your baby’s needs and your body will settle into the milk production, meaning your breasts may feel softer and stop leaking around this time.7


In Need of Breastfeeding Help?

The early days of breastfeeding can be challenging, as you and your baby are learning. Having support and access to resources is an important part of any breastfeeding journey. There are many great resources in Georgia that can help!


Georgia Breastfeeding Support Resources

  • Pickles & Ice Cream’s Online Breastfeeding Class: All our classes are free and held monthly for all wanting to learn.
  • ZipMilk: Find lactation support, medical professionals, open classes, support groups, counseling, and WIC breastfeeding information and support.
  • WIC Breastfeeding: Provides breastfeeding information, support, and resources for your journey through breastfeeding.
  • La Leche League of Georgia: Education and support via telephone or social media. Find a La Leche Leader near you on their website or call (404)-681-6342.
  • Georgia Breastfeeding Coalition: Protects, promotes, and supports Georgia breastfeeding families. Visit the GBC website for information on current events and resources including laws protecting your right to breastfeed and express milk at work.


Reviewed By: Claire Eden, IBCLC, EPIC® Breastfeeding Program Director

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