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Pre-Pregnancy Prep

Pre-Pregnancy Prep

  • If you are thinking about getting pregnant any time soon, there are things you should have prepped & ready to go!
  • A healthy, excited, & ready mom & partner makes for the best pregnancy experience.
  • With the help from our video, you can start checking off things from your do-to list before trying for a baby.

Pregnancy is a new & exciting time for many moms & partners! But before you start trying to get pregnant, there needs to be some time you both set aside to plan & get ready for this big life event. From choosing your perfect provider to discussing your finances, we want you to be prepared for pregnancy before you dive into it!

Becoming pregnant is a big deal so preparation is key to staying healthy, happy, & ready for this exciting process. Pickles & Ice Cream Georgia® has a lot of different topics you can look over in more detail that are mentioned in the video like budgeting, proper nutrition, avoiding drugs & alcohol, impacts of STIs, dental care, your choices of provider, & partner engagement. We hope you start off your pre-pregnancy period with some new knowledge & feel ready to start trying for a baby as soon as possible!

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