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What is P4HB?

What is P4HB?

  • You're planning for more than healthy babies when you join P4HB; you're planning for your future health too.
  • P4HB is not just for pregnant or current mothers but also young women wanting to plan a family on their terms!

Planning for Healthy Babies (P4HB) is not only for those that are planning to have a baby tomorrow or anytime soon. There is a lot to get situated before you decide to have a baby, and this program can provide some essential services for you before you make that big decision! Things like birth control options, family planning services, and a general physical can be provided if you are eligible for this Georgia Medicaid program.

Programs like this can get confusing. Have no fear! Watch our video and read our “Is P4HB Right for Me?” blog post so we can clear some things up for you to get the services you need! Apply for this program here.

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