Working While Pregnant
Know Your Rights: Working While Pregnant

These times have been challenging for many new parents, especially mothers who are working to…

Pre-Pregnancy Prep
Pre-Pregnancy Prep

Pregnancy is a new & exciting time for many moms & partners! But before you…

First Bath
Rub-A-Dub Dub Baby: The First Bath

Welcoming your baby home comes with lots of firsts! The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends…

Everything You Need to Know About SIDS

About 3,600 babies in the United States die suddenly & unexpectedly every year. Sudden Infant…

Pregnant or Period
Period or Pregnant?
Substance Use
Avoiding Substance Use While Pregnant

Using substances like alcohol, tobacco, & certain drugs while pregnant are big no no’s, but…

Baby Cries
What to Do When Our Baby Cries

We have all been there. Your little one is crying, & it’s easy to feel…

Doula Documentary
A Doula Documentary

Healthy Mother’s, Healthy Babies Coalition of Georgia created this brief but informative documentary about doulas,…